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HMO regulation changes for Landlords

With the new “HMO regulation changes” in place what does that mean for you, the landlord?

We have divided the changes in two sections.

1. The first considers work for landlords of existing HMOs.

2. The second is for landlords of properties that are only now considered HMOs.

Work for Landlords of existing HMOs

If your property was already considered an HMO from a regulatory point of view, there’s still work to do. One important job is to conduct a thorough review of your property and make the relevant improvements required by the new HMO regulation changes.

One concern is ensuring the property is ‘suitable for the number of occupants’ including room sizing. A minimum room size should always be taken into account when completing a property assessment. Room size for double occupancy is 10.5m2 and single occupancy size is 6.5m2

Licensing rules are extremely important and you must be fully compliant.

Other licensing rules applicable:

- Suitable storage and removal of rubbish.

- Ensure the registered landlord is suitable for ‘fit and proper’ management test. Most landlords are law abiding citizens, but there are a few rogues around. This measure is to make it easier to remove ‘rogue landlords’ from the market and safeguard tenants.

- Send in a copy of your annual gas safety certificates every year.

- Ensure installation and maintenance of smoke alarms.

- Have to-hand the safety certificates for all electrical appliances.

Work for Landlords whose property is newly considered as an HMO

Where your property wasn’t considered as an HMO, but now is, you may still have additional work on your hands.

As well as the above, you may also need to add bathroom or kitchen facilities to meet the ‘suitable for the number of occupancy’ rule. This can be an expensive job, however this could be the difference between the council granting you an HMO license you should make the investment.

Keep all certification for appliances and gas checks in order and make it a habit. This may be hard at first, but it is essential. If you use a Property Management Company, they can do this all for you. This will eliminate any worries and hassle of sending the council the relevant paperwork as and when required.

New HMO Regulation changes – Let US do the hard work for you

Whether you own an existing, or newly classified HMO, it is hard work to meet all the regulatory requirements with the new HMO regulation changes. And that’s before you even begin the tenanting process! If you think your time could be better spent, then get in touch with us @mycosyhomes

We will guarantee your rent and also help make any changes to your property to satisfy the new HMO regulations. We know exactly what is needed and will ensure it is all put in place, meeting the standard that satisfies your tenants and the regulators!

For more information about HMO regulations, click here for the Government’s guide to HMO licensing.

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