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My Cosy Homes are specialist property entrepreneurs who have experience in buying, selling, maintaining, refurbishing, developing properties. We understand the challenges and significant responsibilities faced by landlords in this ever-changing and increasingly regulated environment. Furthermore, we truly understand the need for honest and transparent dealings, the importance of looking after some of a landlords most valuable assets, and the need for an outstanding level of customer service.

Whilst we have a growing portfolio, we face ever-increasing demand for our boutique properties from busy professionals and therefore are always looking for opportunities to work with other landlords to increase the level of stock of suitable accommodation.


We are delighted to offer to our landlords an extremely professional service where we take properties on a long guaranteed rent agreement for periods between 3 to 7 years, treating the properties as if they were our own. This includes dealing in a timely manner with maintenance and ensuring that the properties are regularly inspected, including being regularly cleaned and gardens tended to.  Where necessary, we can offer a full refurbishment service with contemporary designs and fully furnished to a truly boutique standard.

We only provide accommodation to professionals who are very carefully referenced and vetted by our experienced team. We offer a guaranteed rent, meaning that you have absolute certainty about the income you receive from your property, meaning you no longer need to worry about voids. We provide this service completely free of charge.

My Cosy Homes undertaking to you is that we will treat the property as our own, guarantee your rent, maintain the property to a high standard, house only the best professional tenants, use our team of gardeners, cleaners and maintenance people, ensure all the utility services are dealt with and deal with you in an honest, transparent and professional manner from start to finish.

If you are a landlord and would like to discuss opportunities with My Cosy Homes, please get in touch.

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